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Practice Areas

Company Incorporation

Carrillo & Cordova González-Ruiz has a Corporate Department with a specialized staff in the organization of Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Private Foundations, opening bank accounts, property and trust management.

Contracting with the state

CCGR assists you throughout the process of Public Auction, preparation and submission of proposals, as well as, the negotiation and drafting of contracts that are generated as part of an integral advice throughout the recruitment process with the state.

Maritime Law

We offer the service on Flagging and Registration of Vessels, Yacht Registration, Preparation of ship mortgages, technical certificates, contracts of affreightment, Marine Licences, Radio Licences, Maritime Litigation and advice to engage maritime services in general.

Civil and Commercial Contracts

Structuring and development of all types of civil and commercial contracts; Advice on disposal of property matters, including Promise of Purchase Contracts, pledges, mortgages, sell and purchases and leases. Representation in all judicial and extrajudicial matter to enforce their contractual rights.

Construction Law

CCGR lawyers provide integral advice from its initial phase with the purchase and sale of the property, Civil Responsibility and Obligations of developers as well as advice on the purchase and sale and adjudication of possesses rights, concessions, uses, adjudication and land use change, appraisals and reappraisal of real estate, and counseling in the drafting of their Work Contracts.


Our law firm has a specialized staff in procedural law, which advise by an integral way to the different jurisdictions clients. Whether in the civil, commercial, labor, criminal, Family or Maritime branch of law.

Intellectual Property

CCGR Lawyers has a specialized department in processing, registration and opposition ok trademarks, patents, utility models, trade names in order to give all our customers the security of having their creations protected in the most suitable way.

​CCGR LAWYERS provides an integral advice for the proper use of original works protected by copyright and related rights. We provide services to artists, performers, writers, producers, generally to any author of a work.

​Advice aimed toward protecting computer programs arising out from human intellect (software), drafting of commercial contracts that protect their creations and inventions, as well as consulting and development of franchise agreements.

Labor Law

CCGR LAWYERS provide general advice to companies on labor issues, drafting labor contracts, regulations, care of employee and staff claims, workplace accidents, layoffs and litigation against labor and judicial  and authorities.

Immigration and Naturalization

CCGR lawyers advise to all foreigners who decide to come to Panama to providing all the necessary legal support before Migration Authorities, providing advice to apply for visas, residence and naturalization that offers the Republic of Panama, as well as advice for work permits.

Real State

CCGR LAWYERS provides complete advice to any investor who wants to invest in real estate in the Republic of Panama, by optimizing his investment through advice in all negotiation processes since the incorporation of his company, acquisition of real state, state permits and general working relations.

We provide service by Real Estate Brokers.

Conciliation and Arbitration

Consumer Protection Rights

Information Technology Law

Insurance Law

Commercial Licenses

Banking Law

Family Law


Administrative Law